Yandex – Russian SEO

Yandex – Russian SEO

Google may be king here in Ireland, but a little known gem for all SEO and site owners alike, who are interested in the Russian Search Market, introducing Yandex.

I have been looking into this unique Russian search engine and here is some quick info I can share.

Whiteboard Friday from SEO Moz

Check out a really great video about Yandex form the SEOmoz crew from their whiteboard Friday.

Yandex CY and Website Optimization

Some helpful info here about the main difference between Yandex and Google, the search engine makes use of a metric similar to Pagerank PR, called CY.

Science citation index

Citation index is a measure of “significance” which is generally accepted in the scientific world. It shows how “significant” the works of a certain scientist are. The value of index is determined by the number of references to a work (or a name) in other sources. However to determine the significance of scientific works really precisely it is important to take into account not only the number of references but also the quality of these references. For instance, a work may be referred to by an academic publication of authority, a popular brochure or an entertaining magazine. These references have different value.

Topical citation index (Yandex CY)

Topical citation index (CY) used by Yandex search engine determines the “authoritativeness” of websites taking into account qualitative characteristic of links from other sites referring to this site. Yandex calls this qualitative characteristic the “weight” of a link. It is calculated using a specially developed algorithm. Topical proximity of the website to sites which refer to is plays an important role.. The number of links referring to a website itself also influences on the value of its CY, but CY is determined not by the number of links, but by the sum of their weights.

Use of CY

CY as a means of assessing the authoritativeness of websites is intended to provide relevance of arrangement of websites in the sections of Yandex catalog. CY is not a purely quantitative characteristic therefore Yandex shows certain round values which help to orientate yourself in the “significance” (“authoritativeness”) of websites devoted to certain topic.

How to Check your own site on Yandex

Check Your Yandex Index

Check Topical citation index (Yandex CY)

Any follow up questions or if anyone has any Russian SEO related experiences, please leave a comment or contact me