Checkout my online CV below, it has all my full time jobs since I left University. I am not currently looking for full time employment. Please feel free to contact me if you have remote or freelance positions you think I would be suitable for.


2003 – 2007

The College Years - IADT Dublin, Ireland

I attended the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) from 2003 to 2007. IADT was one of the first college in Euroupe to start teaching Multimedia and web development coupled with its long standing artistic and film background and ethos.

I finished with a BSc in ‘Computing In Multimedia Programming’ and my final year thesis was related to AI and Social Media. I recently completed the build on the IADT library website ten years after graduating, serendipity or what…



The Start of The Start-ups in Ireland - vStream Ireland

I was hired fresh out of college and was employee 001 or 002 at vStream 😉 we both got hired at the same time. This was a small start up that has since gone on to grow.

It was a small 4 person operation, with 3/4 of the staff having Niall as a first name. I was a HTML/PHP/Flash developer all focused around interactive video. I was a one man band in this company and as a result got to build some one of a kind Flash video websites and work with great brands like Kopparberg, Jameson and the Irish Referendum Commission and it was the start of me working with WordPress and becoming an SEO.



Digital vs Traditional was still a concept - Rotcho Ireland

Rothco was my first agency and a really nice place to start out for anyone, I was lucky I started there with some folks I knew from college and my previous work. Named for famous artists Mark Rothko it is an award winning independently owned and operated agency based in Dublin.

I was hired as part of the first fledgling digital department. I and 7 others were one of the first of these types of teams to hit the agency scene in Ireland. I worked on a variety of local and international clients, from pitches to full accounts. I was also part of thirteen a small web development team setup within the company.



You never forget the crazy ones - Ground 4D

By crazy here I mean good! Ground 4D were one of the most productive and fun places I have ever seen. They had recently been acquired by Havas 4D so the hence the shiny 4D suffix. The G4D folks speaclized in weird and really genius on street promotions. They worked with literally every big brand in Ireland as well as some big agencies.

When I worked there I was brought in to oversee all Digital, a solo position which relied on outsource management. I worked on some great campaigns for Danone, Coors, GSK, Nestle & O2.



Cawley NeaTBWA - My Last Irish Agency...

I worked as an Interactive Developer/Technical Manager at Cawley Nea\TBWA. The role was focused around project management for a variety of Irish clients, including the Irish Blood Transfusion Service, Calor Gas, Audi, ESB Electric Ireland, Rabo Direct and the National Lottery.

My role also included development and I was responsible for banner ad development, web coding and EDM development. A great role with a huge amount of work being created and trafficked through a small yet highly agile team. Cawley Nea are a highly creative and technically focused agency with digital at the forefront of all client strategies and communication.



Microsoft Ireland - International SEO

Microsoft was my first introduction to corporate America and working in a big company. Working as part of the Office and Microsoft Store International Publishing Group, I worked curating content for all non US International markets. Front end SEO and SEM was also a large portion of this role, with a focus on content delivery from Bing and internal related searches.



Oracle - UI/UX Research and Development

In my time with Oracle I was a Product Manager working within Advanced Customer Support Services department. Oracle ACS is a global organization within Customer Support Services, providing tailored mission-critical support services to customers with complex IT requirements.

I was responsible for UI/UX, web frameworks as well as design and other web based implementations including r&d of bespoke portals and online services.

Part of my work contributed to 2 patents and I was awarded for my contributions to the overall project. I worked with teams, in China, Ireland, India and the UK.



Mediative (YPG Canada) - North of the wall...

Senior SEO Strategist, working on a range of global campaigns across Canada and the US. I was based primarily in the Toronto office, working on a variety of streams, including international SEO, PPC, SEM and local SEO strategies

I loved my time in Canada and my work with Mediative was primarily with US clients. My result were excellent, with client accounts growing on average 25% in revenue. I delivered some excellent conversion results for Zipcar, Shortel, Viewpoint and was involved in pitches and had one of my happiest agency client rosters to date.



Freelance - Madrid, Spain

Post Canada I did a little traveling and I am now based full time in Madrid. I am focused now on my own clients, which are an eclectic bunch of business and bloggers from Ireland, Australia, Canada and the US.

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