Work hard and be nice to people, that is my motto. When folks I have done work for are happy this is a sign I am doing my job well, below are some of my happy clients.

Sherna Malone

“When I first made contact with Niall, I knew straight away my website was in good hands. From start to finish, the whole process was painless. I was looking to do an ‘MOT‘ on my site and also improve SEO and ranking.

Niall delivered on all my requirements, I was delighted with the results he delivered. His professionalism, knowledge and advice is second to none and I highly recommend him for any Word Press, SEO, or Website needs you might have. “

Peter Clarke –

“Niall has been working for on my various sites for over 7 years now, he has an amazing knowledge of the inner workings of the sites, once he fine-tunes the engine the site shoots through the rankings. It is unusual to get a good code guy who also has that design flair, it is usually one or the other but Niall has both which makes it all the easier for the business owner, you just have to deal with the one person to get the result you require, less emails, less overlaps great advice on what will look best but also what will work best. I can recommend Niall for any web project and happy to take any calls should further clarification or information be required.”

Gabrielle Lichterman

“It’s no exaggeration when I say that working with the WP Developer team has completely restored my faith in web developers. Having already been through multiple extremely disappointing false starts with previous web developers who promised a lot, then delivered little, overstated their abilities, were short on communication and provided no support, I feel like I’ve won the lottery with the WP Developer team. They are sincerely the most I could hope for: Not only do they actually have the skills to build a beautifully-designed, fully-functioning modern website I can be proud of (and I am!), they are just a dream to work with. Every WP Developer team member is friendly, professional and talks to me about website issues in a way that’s easy to understand, but isn’t patronizing. They reply to every email every time—and fast. They’re there quickly when I need support (and have even rushed to my aid when my web host was having issues to help them fix the problem faster on my behalf). And building the website with them was a totally different experience: Through extensive discussions via video chats and email, they helped me craft a website that delivered my message in the most effective way possible. This was no one-sided process—they took my ideas into account, suggested their own and incorporated them all to create an amazing outcome. From the design to the function to the gorgeous graphics, from top to bottom, WP Developers delivers. And, as if that weren’t enough, they gave me tips—lots and lots and lots of tips!—for helping me reach out to my audience more effectively and spread my message further to others. They genuinely make me feel like they’re invested in helping to make my website and its mission succeed. I’m already planning more websites with the WP Developer team and look forward to working with them again.”

This is a testimonial for the overall work of a project from another site I operate, I cannot take all the credit here 🙂

Eanan Patterson

“Niall made designing and organizing my website a fantastic experience. He always made himself available to answer questions or help with problems. It really means something to have someone who enjoys his work as much as Niall, it becomes infectious and really made the overall experience a great one. I highly recommend Niall… a great designer who’s easy to work. Doesn’t get much better than that!”

David Coyle

“Niall recently worked on revamping our website. He did a fantastic job from start to finish. Always prepared to take on anything encountered. Fresh ideas, innovative concepts, and the skills to bring those thoughts to life. Niall is one of the best in the game. Period. I hope to work with Niall again in the future.”

Brendan Chambers

“We have employed Niall on a number of occasions and we were extremely satisfied with the quality and creativity of his work. Niall is very personable, easy to get along with and, with his creative ideas, brings a lot to the table. We wish Niall continued success.”

David Kelly

“Niall was recommended to us by one of service providers;Niall understood and solved our web problems in a short time frame, but has also given a road map into the future. The key point re: Niall; is his response time and flexibility re the assignment. He also tries to see different approaches to marketing through the web and building brands.”

Brendan Wall

“Niall has done a lot of site and SEO work for us. I find him Reliable and always there when we need him. He is one of the best in the business and would recommend him to anyone looking for professional web development”

Alex Hutchinson

“Amazing work on my website, really pushed my site up the list on Google. Couldn’t be happier with the results :)”

Sharon Slowey

“With some in-house knowledge of web development we had a very specific set of requirements when it came to building the website for The Pictorium. We had identified WordPress as the most suitable platform and when we talked with Niall we realised he had the necessary skill set to help us. As the project progressed we were continually impressed at his level of service, professionalism and broad knowledge base. We’re delighted with the end result and as our the site develops we will be returning to Niall for further insights and assistance.”

Niall Strickland

“This is just a quick note to confirm that the new Aculife website and the SEO have kicked in nicely this month. Aculife sales had a dismal May and June but thanks to your trojan work, sales increased by 44% in July. If this new level of sales can be maintained it will be instrumental in keeping my business alive. You are absolutely at the top of your game. Your commitment and attention to meeting project goals has been outstanding – thank you.”

Eoin Kearney – Graphic Designer

“I have no problem in recommending Niall. I have found his work to be of the highest quality both in Web Development and also SEO. He is extremely knowledgeable in his areas, and can easily solve problems or answer any questions thrown at him.”

Rob Smyth

“I started a new business ( and got Niall to look after my web design & SEO. He was full of valuable information and would recommend him to anyone. I will definitely use him again further down the line. Very knowledgeable guy and he has so much passion for his work.”

Rodrigo Del Castillo

“Niall has a deep understanding of the critical areas that comprise web media; an eye for design, hands-on experience with coding, great sense of content strategy and a focused expertise on digital advertising for multiple platforms.

Laurie McGann

“Niall got my website up and running even though is was an extremely tight turn around. The results were as expected and changes were made without dispute.”

Iseult Sheehy

“Niall is a highly motivated and creative developer. While building my website I found him to be very approachable and inventive, especially during the creative process. He is an excellent problem solver and addressed all my requests, giving my site a customised feel. Construction happened very quickly and for an incredibly reasonable price and since going live Niall has been happy to respond to any queries I have made. I am very happy to recommend Niall’s work and hope to work with him again in the future.”

Louise O’Sullivan

“Niall delivered an excellent, cost efficient website for the Cork Association for Autism. He provided advice and solutions to a range of requests, which we never would have considered without his advice. The project was delivered within budget and timescale and Niall’s follow through advice is invaluable.”

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