WooCommerce Australia

WooCommerce Australia

WooCommerce Australia – Australian e Commerce for WordPress

A new job just live for REIZE Energy Drink and a geography I have to say I do not do a heap of work in. Australian eCommerce is like any other but with some slight differences. The continent is massive for a start, this has its own set of challenges, which are mainly logistics based. My advice for WooCommerce in Oz. Most companies will sell in AUD and New Zealand although much smaller has it’s own bespoke postal pricing model, which I personally would avoid like the plague as the plugins for WC are ropey at best.

The Check List

Some small notes for WooCommeerce development down under;

  • Sell to NZ and find out all about their pretty strange postage system and rural charges
  • Try to use a blended postage price for NZ the rural charges are way to complex, so blend a rate and monitor your NZ users
  • You can use direct bank transfer payment options, e.g. Poli payments
  • PayPal works as you would expect & for me is always the best option when starting and for small businesses
  • ANZ bank are one of the big credit card merchants, personally I would avoid them, the plugins are not up to scratch and support is ok at best, I used a plugin I just can’t link too as it was so limited, it had functionality but ANZ were pretty lame when we asked about updates etc, they said contact the plugin dev, so very old school and one of the biggest drawbacks
  • I normally advise against credit cards onsite for small business mainly because of charge back fraud
  • Submit to Google, Bing/Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex – It’s a multi cultural place take advantage

If you need any bespoke ad vice drop me a line hello@niallflynn.ie or leave a comment below.