Speeding Up WordPress Images

Speeding Up WordPress Images

Sometimes even WordPress can get a little sluggish and with multiple plugins and 100s of images load times can get frustrating. Dublin Fashion Photographer Alex Hutchinson has a minimal but very visual WordPress site with a full screen gallery or around 100MB of images.

The site had been running a little slow and this was down to a few small house keeping tasks that only WordPress can do in less than 5 minutes. I always urge that you try to optimise all images before you upload, but we are all guilty of forgetting to resize or not saving well for the web and checking formats and settings, pre upload. These simple steps are a very quick way to clean up past mistakes and save loads of space & bandwidth on your hosting and time for your visitors.

Tune-up Your WordPress Site – 5 Steps & 5 minutes

  1. Update to the latest version of WordPress
  2. Repair your database using cPanel/phpMyAdmin
  3. Install the Smush.it WordPress Plugin
  4. Smush Your Images
  5. Run a speed test to see the results

Check out Alex’s updated site, the gallery is now loading very quickly and all images are now as tuned as they can be. Going forward the system is now automatically ‘smushing’ all new images so we should see a speedy site into the future. Again there is no substitute for making 100% sure all images are compressed, but sometimes we can all forget.

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