SEO Spring Clean

SEO Spring Clean

Every site needs a cleanup from time to time. I always encourage clients to stay on top of ranking factors and also general site health, including plugins, speed and security.

Google are now making SERP listings a little trickier than they used to and the character count is no longer a solid metric for titles and descriptions.

SEO Spring Clean Checkup

So what do I normally do as part of my SEO review for WordPress;

  1. Review all titles, to ensure they are within the updated pixel size guidelines from Google
  2. Review all descriptions, to ensure they are within updated pixel size guidelines from Google
  3. Check all H1 & H2 tags
  4. Scan for any broken or incorrectly redirected links
  5. Makesure sitemaps, robots and all other

So why do all this work, nothing visual changes and the search engine results are minimal? Well this is true but over time the opposite effect can hit a site and push its listings lower and lower. These type of tuneups are vital and they keep the site fresh and in line with algorithm changes and help you take advantage of new Search Engine listing types.

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