Removing Listing from Google

May 31, 2011
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May 31, 2011 Niall Flynn

A simple request that I get asked about a lot; How do I remove a listing from Google’s index? From time to time you may find references on Google’s Search index to yourself, your site, your business or a  brand you manage. This could be on your own site or on a third party site, today we will deal with the third party scenario. When requesting removal from a search engine it is always advisable to contact the third party and request they remove from their end first, this will speed up the process. Once this is done you can head on over to the Google Webmasters Removal Tool (Please note this link will only work if you are logged into your Google Webmaster Account);

  1. Click New Removal Request
  2. Enter the URL
  3. Select Content has already been removed
  4. Submit

Within 24-48 hours the index should be gone check out this handy tool at Google Webmasters Removal Tool and remove all those nasty unwanted links and reviews about you or your business online.