Cannabis Industry WordPress Websites: Feature on

Cannabis Industry WordPress Websites: Feature on

This month past (July 2022) was one of the hottest and my busiest since I came to Spain and went full time freelance. I built a site for a client towards the middle of my freelance career but at the start of me being 100% solo on the job with no support staff.

123CBD has blossomed into a really decent business, I say decent as they are professional, popular and profitable, all while still holding on to that new business smell, that eagerness. The website is some of my best work, and has grown pardon the pun to generate income and jobs, it is self sustainable.

A few weeks back I was reached out to by as they wanted to feature me alongside other folks working as vendors in this area. I get a lot of these asks, not always helpful, but one thing I can say about the Cannabiz industry is it seems to be filled with very savvy folks despite the products associations and prejudices.

10 Buds have an article here and you can skip it to see my bit here: 😉 do read the article first and check out the other folks.

Also if you are one of my clients and hear me nattering on about referrals and reciprocal links, this is how to do it.