Meath Wedding Photography

November 7, 2012
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November 7, 2012 Niall Flynn

Penry Photography are a husband and wife Wedding Photography duo based in County Meath. Penry has been established sine 2001 and has a lovely style and a fantastic range of stylish wedding photography.

The Penry Photographers had a pre existing WordPress site with some real issues. The site ranked but it was no where to bee seen for the majority of its keywords, the main being Meath Wedding Photography. The old Penry WordPress site was not correctly built or optimsed for search and it was in many was hiding the great photos and focusing on very heavy wordy pages.

Long story short I wanted to lift out the really excellent photos and provide a professional responsive layout – everything from a wide-screen monitor to iPhone or Android. Most of my recent sites have this responsive layout and design style and it is something I hope all my client will want in the future.

No prizes for guessing that I kept the site strictly WordPress, I made the usual switch to Spiral to help with the hosting speed and SEO. The design was a big change and I am confident that Penry can now put their best foot forward online, showcasing there work and climbing Google rankings, watch this space for more about the ongoing SEO.

Meath Wedding Photography