When a Plan Comes Together

When a Plan Comes Together

I blogged yesterday about the launch of a new site for Dublin Freelance Photographer, Alex Hutchinson. As with all of the websites I build and promote it was paired with a specific SEO goal – to optimise for the term Dublin Freelance Photographer. One of the questions I get asked a lot, is how long does it take Google to find my page(s).

For me this is a two fold question, google will index your content, but this does not necessarily mean that they will index it in relation to the keywords you want users to find you for. Google Indexing, should take 24-48 hours, in the case of Alex Hutchinson’s site it was less than an hour. Being Indexed is great, but the main challenge is to now convert this index to traffic.

How To Check What Google Has Indexed

The Code


You can do this yourself by adding this search term to Google site:http://www.yourdomain.com. Essentially what you are doing is searching google rather than searching for the site. You can do this for any site online and it is a great way of finding out what if anything is indexed by google. In Alex’s case the entire site has been indexed, which is great. That said the site is not 100% complete, but that is a job for another day and myself and Alex will be working on the image optimisation in tandem, so that we can start to spread the reach of his site beyond the main key words Dublin Freelance Photographer.

The Results

Results Speak for themselves, the site is currently at position #12 in google.ie for the term ‘freelance photographer’ and position #6 (That’s Page 1!) for ‘freelance photographer Dublin’. Watch this space and I will be keeping you updated on the rise and hopefully not the fall search terms for this site.