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A new site I have just finished developing with Rob Ryan, Elena Montes and Ireland’s Whiskey Guru Stuart McNamara. Drum roll please… HaigWhisky.com is a Scotch whisky blog and affiliate marketing platform built in WordPress and integrated to pull in feeds of affiliate products using a pretty nice integration called DataFeedr. It is a really handy shortcode generation tools that syncs with multiple shops and retailers like Amazon and in this case sites like the Whiskey Exchange.

The site is one of the nicest visually I have been part of in quite some time, credit to Elena here who was responsible for all the design. The site is doing really well from an SEO point of view and is dominating most of the major search engines for all Haig related terms, while keeping a really slick and quick loading WordPress back-end in tact.

Checkout the site and by all means buy some Haig, assuming you are old enough 🙂

Haig Club Scotch Whisky