Over Optimisation Penalties?

April 24, 2012
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April 24, 2012 Niall Flynn

So Google are mixing it up again or are they? Over Optimisation is the new negative ranking rumour currently creating brown trousers in the SEO world. What I hear you say, WHAAAT! I am going to be penalised for having a keyword focused site and for trying hard to build backlinks and SEO friendly ‘promts’ to boost my site. The short answer here is no, but the long answer is maybe, ahh the fluffy world of SEO, read on.

Personally I don’t really use spammy SEO techniques, that often 🙂 That said if it works, all is fair in love, war and SEO. The following are my tips for SEO in general and this will help you avoid this and any other upcoming negative SEO penalties.

  • Write Real Titles and Descriptions, and don’t stuff them with keywords
    • Good “Looking for a n Expert WordPress Developer in Dublin – Niall Flynn”
    • Bad “WordPress – WordPress Developer – WordPress Web Design Ireland”
  • Avoid buying backlinks in mass from poor sources, cough backlinks.ie (Your local friendly Irish Backlinks site)
  • Do not use auto blog comment spam
  • Avoid stuffing within the content of your site, I would debate this, links are good, just don’t put 50 in each article you write

Enjoy 🙂