GDPR for WordPress Developers & Site Owners

GDPR for WordPress Developers & Site Owners

GDPR is a new EU regulation coming into effect in May of this year (2018). This is a simple and truly great idea, all summed up in a very EU style no nonsense name ‘General Data Protection’ I guess the R is regulation. I am no lawyer but what I understand of it is that if you harvest data from clients you need to give them a simple way to see this data and more importantly delete it. For me I think this is heralding the end of this pointless collection of useless data we all seem to think is key to online marketing. Also here I think this is the start of a really great trend, this data is by and large garbage and this to me is a move back to more traditional common sense approaches to taking users data.

Current Information on GDPR

There is a lot of humming and hawing about this but I think that regardless of your nationality, country of residence etc. This is a law/standard that all developers and site owners should try to adhere to. If you work in marketing or rely on data from any US companies like Google, facebook, twitter etc. to justify results to a client this applies to you.

Do I need to do anything? – Yes, Yes you do!

If you answer yes to any of the following:

  1. Are you a company based in the EU with a WordPress website?
  2. Do you store any personal data on users (Emails, IPs etc)?
  3. Do you have forms on your website?
  4. Do you use any Google products on your site?
  5. Do you embed social widgets/any other third party items on your site?
  6. Do you run a shop or forum on your site?
  7. Do you allow comments on your site?

If yes then you are liable, and in general there is a notion out there that you can add a line of text to your forms etc and not have to comply with this newer regulation, you are wrong. This applies to any site in my opinion and all developers and site owners are advised to embrace this new trend. I am already personally cancelling all US services I use that are not/partially are complying to this new regulation. Privacy is a right a not a privilege!!

Do you need a developer to implement GDPR compliance on your WordPress Site?

If you need a developer to create a compliant GDPR setup on your WordPress site then I am here to help, please contact me