Fixing Your SERP

Fixing Your SERP

A recent SEO project for women’s running club Run with Tina and the site had some very strange issues with it’s site links and overall SERP. I am glad to say this issue is mainly fixed due to recent SEO work and the setting up of a correct XML sitemap structure.

Site links are a little bit of an anomaly and generally show that a site has been indexed for a while and also has a certain volume of traffic. They do not necessarily drive a huge amount of traffic but they add a much fuller SERP for your brand name or main business term, assuming you have the #1 spot.

The before and after below shots below, show the change and refocus of the SERP and sitelinks, this has been one of the major drivers for the recent jumps on Google for terms related to women’s running.

Run with Tina – SERP Before – 2 Days Ago

Google SERP
This was the view just 2 days ago, the red marks are areas that were misrepresented on the site’s Google listing.

Run with Tina – SERP After – Today

Google SERP After
A few Google Webmaster tweaks and some priority within the XML site map and this issue is now almost solved. It has however revealed a blog subdomain that now needs to be removed. this use of sub-domains is something I never advise for content you wish to SEO. It is perfect for client areas and aspects of your site than need to remain private or supply an API or web serivce. Using them for mobile domains or to house blogs is a very bad idea and in many cases can split your SERP and half your sites power.

Next Steps

Overall this site is optimising very quickly and traffic is spiking, I will see how the next 2-3 weeks go and advise on new content and the less obvious SEO advice for the coming months.

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