DuckDuckGo – A New Way To Search

DuckDuckGo – A New Way To Search

Look a Duck!

So here I am again with another internet related rant on you guessed it a search topic. Most of my warbling revolves around the world’s largest online advertiser Google, oh yeah and they also have a search engine, you may have heard of it.

Google is an Advertising Company

We all know gmail, docs and Google search, you may use them every day or you may be more of a casual user, but ask any 8-80 year old and they will all have had some experience with Google.

And a Search Engine

Google are a great company and they do offer a quality service, but there is a catch. Google make the majority of their income from ads placed within their network. This has led to billions being invested in PPC and an entire global community of SEOs, don’t get me wrong there was SEO and online advertising pre Google. But the big issue that DuckDuckGo exposes is the lack of general relevancy when you search. They call it our filter bubble and unfortunately as the bubble suggests you are trapped.

So What’s The Point

Well a video is worth a million words, or whatever so here goes. It’s short and sweet this one, oh yeah and it has a talking Duck, what a Friday treat!

Privacy & Google

Privacy is something you hear Facebook held up over a lot, but you rarely hear about Google and what it does with all our searches, maps, emails and Google+ activity. Although all this data is not publicly visible, Google do add it to the pile of BI and other data they use to you guessed it target ads to you via its network. Sounds innocent enough and it is.

No More Pages

One thing I really like is the fact that the search engine is built for search rather than ad deployment and relevancy is more of a macro concept. For me I use it for new searches, I don’t want my mates tweets and Google+ version of the story I want as close to the primary source as I can get. DDG is a mix of old school global search relevancy with a host of quick and varied search results.

DuckDuckGo’s Vision

Try it out now

Searching is believing so get out there and question those search results, I would urge you all to not just except Google but to challenge them, demand ad free searches and relevancy with your feet. Google succeeded in the search space by delivering relavancy, rather than creating a new ad revenue stream for media companies and please let me know what you think.