Dublin Freelance Photographer

Dublin Freelance Photographer

A new piece of work that has been in the coming soon pile for a while now is finished and ready to launch. Alex Hutchinson is one of Dublin’s most talented freelance photographers. Alex’s site is a fully Ajax loaded photo gallery backed by WordPress. For those of you who are more familiar with the Ajax that lives under the sink, it is the nice animation and loading technique that does not require the page to reload, click an image in any of the galleries and you will see what I mean. I digress, the site was inspired by the full screen flash galleries of old, full screen layout, subtle animation techniques and selectable categories are all features of the gallery.

The SEO Challenge Images vs Text

By its nature a photographer has very little to say, the images do the talking. Most of the time they wont even let you put a bio up. So the Question arises “How can I optimise this site if there is very little text on the page?”. Well you can and for a photographer the medium of optimisation is well of course images.

Google indexes images, we have all seen them in the google image searches. The Opportunity here is to optimise all the text on the page as well as the images. In most cases a client will really only appear in the image search listings in an eCommerce context, for product shots of products such as a iPad or some other electronic gadget or more commonly for the companies logo.

The ongoing goal here is to optimise for the term Dublin Freelance Photographer and variations of this. Alex’s own name will also be a secondary optimisation goal, but his current social media presence, is already doing that job quite well. We are on day one and I will update you with more of the optimisation results as they are achieved.

Dublin Freelance Photographer – Alex Hutchinson