Canadian SEO Company

Canadian SEO Company

It has been way to long since my last update, a combination of a relocation and a massive amount of work has left me so busy I have neglected my own digital presence, for shame. That said I am happy to announce a brand new role, country and a huge amount of work and updates to come.

Canadian Relocation

First off the big news at the moment is that I am now based in Canada working in Toronto. Aside from the geographic relocation this is the start of a new career as an SEO strategist for a fantastic Digital Marketing Company called Mediative. There will be a heap more for me to chat about on this subject so for now I will keep that as, suffice to say Canada rocks!

WordPress Development

Never fear WordPress is still happening and the ever talented Robert Ryan will be keeping the home fires burning and if I have any time I will still be getting my hand dirty with web development and all my general SEO and design work. will be back live soon, and v3 as it is now will be a Behemoth of a site, I promise.

International SEO Strategy

I will be leveraging my past experience and a plethora of all the other randomness that makes up my SEO career to date, not one for too much waffling so I will leave it at that, heaps more to come, eh 🙂