#1 on Google in 4 Days

May 22, 2012
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May 22, 2012 Niall Flynn

I love a good result and I like it even more when it comes together quickly. I find SEO to be a binary of success and fail, with middle ground falling into the latter. Basically if it’s not #1, I’m not happy. Brass Polishing Ireland was a nice quick results and was very satisfying to be able to tell a client to switch off their AdWords 4 days after their initial email.

The site was WordPress based and was using some very strange SEO related plugins. Sitemaps were present but not correctly created and weighted, the update was mainly on-site as the site had all the components to rank well, but they were all muddled and as result search was suffering.

Brasspolishing.ie is now ranking #1 for brass polishing and #1 for brass polishing Ireland. So my work here for now is done 🙂

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