#1 on Google in 3 days

March 12, 2013
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March 12, 2013 Niall Flynn

I love writing post like this, I really do, it scratches an itch like nothing else. A new site launched only 3 days ago has shot straight to #1 for a fairly high contention keyword against an exact match domain competitor, he shoots he scores 🙂

CDS are a data recovery company based in North Dublin, who are now #1 for Data Recovery Dublin on google.ie. I know this will only be the first of results as the guys at CDS have taken to WordPress well and are editing text and monitoring traffic like pros only a few days after launch.

Long term I really promote this idea of clients getting as involved with onsite SEO as much as possible, I try to show an ethical, simple and measurable search metrics and techniques. Anyway enough about me checkout the site.

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