Women’s Running Dublin

Women’s Running Dublin

Women’s Running Dublin – Run with Tina

Run with Tina is a Women’s Running Club based in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. The site has just been built using WordPress and the recent blog integrated from an old blogger setup. I am helping the guys at Run with Tina to expand their reach online and expand via organic keyword optimisation. The site like many I see was built with no SEO in mind. The site is getting good traffic but we have an initial index issue, check out the image below.

Issues with the SERP

Google SERP

So What’s the Problem?

The main issue I was presented with was the main SERP, normally you would expect to see the home page then generally the six most relevant pages displayed below. Sitelinks are a great sign that the site is progressing well. In this case we see two major issues, the first being that the home page is no where to be seen. The second is that some supplementary pages e.g. Copyright Notices are getting indexed here in place of other more relevant content.

So What’s Next?

I am working away to clean up all the site’s meta descriptions, for a site this large that can be a laborious task, but one which cannot be overlooked. I have already cherry picked the most important pages and started with them. Personally I believe that the ‘a little a lot’ method is best employed for a re-index like Run with Tina needs.

The site is now indexed correctly via a sitemap, specially designed for Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other global search engine. This is a common practice but as we see with the current SERP. If incorrectly implemented it can have very random and unwanted results. The next step is connecting to the search engines and of course the re-index.

I normally gloss over this XML sitemap part of the SEO process with sites I either redevelop or build from scratch, because to be honest I normally get it right and it’s something that never becomes an issue. With this site it is an interesting scenario but one I want to resolve ASAP.

What will I be optimising for?

With this there is a two set approach. The brand needs to be reinforced to remove the issues we are currently see with the SERP, this will be done through simple backlinks and anchor text for Run with Tina. The other set will act as a way to spread out the reach of the site into other areas of Ireland and also to spread the terms for Women’s Running and other realted terms. I am hoping to see a nice 7 day turnaround with around 3 waves of changes, so watch this space for more info.

Women’s Running Dublin