Wedding Photography SEO Results

Wedding Photography SEO Results

I wrote a post last week about Kerry Wedding Photographer Ciara O’Donnell and the results are in. For anyone who did not read my last post, I took over this WordPress site last week and rescued it from a variety of issues and it is now soaring up the indexes for the term Kerry Wedding Photographer.

Generally there is a huge delta between a good WordPress install and a bad one. Overall you should be very careful about your WordPress site. If kept well they are a joy to use but on the wrong host with a poor theme and maintenance schedule you can get into some real trouble.

Ciara’s site thankfully was only around two weeks old and although the issues were bad they had not fully set, had the site been established longer I think it would be moving a lot slower.

The Issues

Overall I find a lot of WordPress sites I am sent from Irish clients are in this state, the main issues front and back is generally the host, after that you are looking at smaller specifics and in some cases things that are just plain wrong;

  1. Ciara’s site was hosted with BlackKnight (PS Never host WordPress with this host)
  2. It was quite slow, mainly due to the host but partially due to the implementation of the theme
  3. Images were not being optimised for search or high speed
  4. The theme, WordPress install and plugins were out of date
  5. Security was low, again partly the host mostly the theme
  6. The site was not linked to the search engines
  7. There was no monitoring of the SERPs or Ranking Pages
  8. There was zero SEO on page
  9. Social Sharing was not enabled
  10. URL structure was SEO negative

The Fix

I worked on a few areas but mainly onsite trying to clean up the site and get all the housekeeping and SEO automation in order. Social promotion will be coming in the next few weeks but the main focus now is around the following;

  1. Host Switch to Spiral has now kicked in and the site is running well
  2. Fresh WordPress install with all Spiral’s nice backup and security features
  3. New Navigation
  4. New URL structure
  5. Automated redirections and redirection of an old domain that was still indexing
  6. I separated image galleries and SEO rich pages like services
  7. Added Sharexey a really great sharing plugin
  8. SERP tracking is now installed
  9. Total Copy check for grammar, general legibility and SEO
  10. Updated the sitemap structure

The Results

These are the initial results and from what I see here there should be no reason why in conjunction with the client a new routine can get this site dominating for all the valuable keywords in this region of Ireland. So far the following is happening on

  • #1 for Ciara O’Donnell ~ Previously #2
  • Page 1 for Kerry Wedding Photographer ~ Page 4
  • Page 1 for Freelance Art Director ~ Previously unlisted
  • Page 3 for Muster Photographer ~ Previously unlisted
  • Page 3 for Wedding Photographer ~ Previously unlisted

Anyway there is so much more to be done now in the next fwe weeks but this one is back on track again and if you haven’t checked out the site and Ciara’s great work click below.

Kerry Wedding Photographer