Good Enough To Eat

Good Enough To Eat

Building this website made me hungry, editing the menus made me hungry and taking the pictures well it made me even hungrier, suffice to say this is one tasty site. OK so food puns aside, the Toscana Dún Laoghaire site is one that I am especially proud of. Don’t get me wrong all my sites are something to be proud of, but this time all the stars were aligned and the end result is well tasty 🙂

The site is WordPress driven, no spot prizes for guessing that one. A heavy focus on SEO and reviews coupled with a fantastic responsive theme creates a very slick and sublime web experience. Anyway before I get to involved in my own fan club, let me get to the point, this new site is designed to perform and convert search traffic locally & globally, with the end result of more bums in seats.

A redesign these days is more than adding shiny corners and calling it a day, Toscana needed a new e-commerce system for vouchers coupled with new forms for reservations/contact all this gives the site focused goals and a clear path for clients to navigate. A host of old SEO violations have also been fixed and a previous mobile hack has been removed, the site is now SEO friendly and Mobile enabled, with some fancy HTML5 and CSS3 and a new much slicker design to match the brand and tone of this Dublin Restaurant.

I will be tracking this new site using some nice heatmap technology and my usual plethora goals and other SERP/social related keywords. Anyway I have some pretty high aspirations for this site from an SEO point of view and more on this in the coming days, weeks and months. We are at hour zero now with a fresh new Irish host, new SERPs ready and waiting to be indexed, watch this space loads more to come on this one. Check out the new site and do yourself a favour eat the food it’s even tastier.

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