Sales Increased 44% in 3 Weeks

Sales Increased 44% in 3 Weeks

I love it when I see a site performs as planned and especially when there is a monetary value associated with its success. I got an email from a client this evening letting me know that sales were up by 44% for this month already after only three weeks! This made me happy 🙂

The client was Aculife and the site was, no prizes for guessing a redevelopment to WordPress. The project was mainly focused on creating a more professional look and feel, while refocusing the user journey and conversion paths.

SEO was a huge issue as the old site had fallen from top spots on Google in Ireland, UK and USA and was continuing to fall. I also worked with the owner to rewrite content to improve SEO and understanding of the product.Traffic was present on the old site but it was no longer converting. There were also a variety of domains and sites scattered across markets and each had its own set of strengths and weaknesses, but there was no uniting factor or cross pollination.

The decision to scrap all existing sites was made and I began to create three market specific sites and relaunch in order of sales performance. The US site was first three weeks ago, the UK site launched two days ago and the Irish site just need small amount of SEO on-site, before I start the promotion proper.

The site has started to rise slowly for main branded terms and traffic is only slightly up less than 10%, but this was never the focus and just a happy side result of a good SEO structure on site. Even writing this it seems to strange and counter to what you would think, increased traffic does not always mean increased sales.

The subject matter for this site is alternative healing, with a focus on alternatives to acupuncture, so keywords are broad to say the least. Mix this with the fact that some other brands started to use the Aculife brand as a ‘term’ for this type of healing and you end up with a lot of very sticky and messy variables and of course thousands of search terms.

Acquiring new visitors was one thing, but this site had an issue with credibility and of course information was not clearly labelled or prioritised. A quick tidy of design and copy and a reworking of the navigation and the site was ready for promotion.Common sense and some strategic analysis of Aculife web logs began to surface some really common trends and also exit points. Form this work myself and the client were able to optimise the site, rewriting all the SEO based content.

This process is iterative, but the client is now fully tracking and monitoring goals that matter, e.g. conversion to buy pages and dollars in his account. This methodology is simple you look at what is relevant and what will convert, but this is not arbitrary all rests on simple web statistics. I find many of my clients have become swamped with data and most look to traffic numbers rather than conversion paths to view success.

All setup with an easy to use global site network, this client can now continue to monitor traffic and sales, while optimising and creating blog posts to further boost SERPs globally. Check out the site, updates to come on the UK and  Irish Aculife sites.

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