Irish Wedding Videos

May 4, 2012
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May 4, 2012 Niall Flynn

A new site in the coming soon pile with a focus on Irish Wedding Videos. The site will be a port from an exisiting static site to WordPress, with the following features being added for both user experience and SEO;

  • Image compression via
  • Canoical URLs and a more SEO friendly Structure uisng WordPress
  • Reordering of page worth within sitemap_inde.xml, again thanks WordPress
  • New look and feel, this always helps
  • HTML and JavaScript Minification, again speed is key
  • SERPs review, titles, descriptions, length and typos
  • Submission to all Search Engines and I do mean all 🙂
  • Linkage via webmaster tools

There will be more, you can check out the site in its current pre WordPress look and feel, anyway as I always say watch this space…

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