.ie Domains Improve Local SEO

.ie Domains Improve Local SEO

Improving Local SEO?

Should I focus on Local SEO or Global SEO or both? It is a tough questions to answer and when it comes to choosing your domain(s) and your strategy the both are connected in a very important way. I generally recommend that client buys a .com domain and a .ie at the very least.

This protects their name or brand globally and locally and allows for expansion outside of Ireland in the future. The most important consideration here is not how many domains you buy, but more which one will you market and make the parent domain.

So What Domains should I buy?

For nearly all local Irish business this is a total no brainer and the .ie is the main domain. There are very few facts in SEO and thankfully this is one, country specific TLDs associate you with that google TLD and market and you guessed it make you rank higher for terms in that market and language.

OK I am getting bored now, what’s the point?

So why am I talking about this? A recent new launch for Dublin Makeup Artist Alyson Smyth began the Global route, with a .com hosted in the US. The site indexed well was doing ok in the SERPs. Alyson is in a competitive market and her business and piers are all local and more importantly they are optimising for the local market.  So anyway long story short I have setup a new .ie focused site and redirected all the old .com SERPs and let google know about the domain change, check out the new .ie domain.

Dublin Makeup Artist