Dublin’s Best Restaurants

October 21, 2013
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October 21, 2013 Niall Flynn

We all have to eat right, but I have to say this one is a shocker! So I launched this little Irish site on the 16th of this month – less than 5 days ago. Traffic overall has exceeded 10K unique visitors already, which for a small Irish site is pretty good and most of that is from today, the main launch. Success like this is great, but when you see a small hosting account reaching its limits, it can get pretty nerve racking. That said we are using the usual Irish SEO and WordPress Friendly Hosting supplied by the fine people at Spiral Hosting and in a matter of minutes we are upgraded and all for a very small fee.

Hosting for festival sites is a once off shot, down time is really not an option or at least not desirable. Also with a site like this there is an obvious spike around the dates of launch and of the event, so you only really need a huge amount of hosting power during this time. Anyway enough about hosting and on to the website. Basically you need flexibility and a host, which wont lock you into 12 months of an expensive package.

The Dine in Dublin website was a rework of an old unresponsive theme, that to be honest was very lack lustre, the new site is the complete opposite and I am sure there will be more tweaks as the week goes on. The new SEO is now pulling in a lot and I do mean a lot of new traffic, the split will be hard to call but the organic SEO around Restaurant guides and advice around where to eat will keep this a page one contender competing with tripadvisor and all the other big rating sites. There is some great twitter activity going on so checkout #dineindublin

Dublin’s Best Restaurants

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