Dublin Wedding Band

May 7, 2012
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May 7, 2012 Niall Flynn

A stylish client demands a stylish website, well they asked nicely 🙂 Take3Trio are a Dublin Wedding Band with a touch of Class. The Trio as the name suggests define themselves as “A Unique Latin/Samba Twist on Popular Contemporary Music”, I heard them they are good and for anyone not planning to tie the know you can check them out every Wednesday here in Dublin’s Mercantile pub. Oh and back to the site, full WordPress, integrated with a Flickr gallery and the usual gallons of SEO goodness.

The Wedding Market is a tough SEO ask and one which I am working on for Wedding Video provider Irish Wedding Videos and I have a brand new Wedding Centric WordPress micro sales site coming very soon. Watch this space, updates on this projects SEO coming very soon…

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