Dublin SEO Summit

Dublin SEO Summit

Dublin SEO Summit - Rand Fishkin Keynote SpeakerAn SEO Summit in Dublin! How can I say no? Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz will be there, ok now I have to go, oh and it’s free – I need a time machine there is no way I can wait for this one.

Right so I guess you can see that the Massive SEO Nerd in me has got a little excited. So let me take several deep breaths and relax and explain why you should also take a look at this and go if you are in any way interested in SEO or selling anything online.

So Why go to the Dublin SEO Summit?

So here’s my top 10 reasons;
  1. I will be there 🙂
  2. Rand Fishkin will be there
  3. To learn about SEO from the pro, this guy literally wrote the book
  4. It will be a great place to network for anyone working online
  5. It’s on a Friday, trust me this makes a difference
  6. It is handy to get to and right smack in the centre of Dublin
  7. It will not be an all day snooze fest, like some other summits I wont mention
  8. It’s the first year it is on, always good to be there early
  9. The ratio of suit to developer should low
  10. And most importantly it’s free

When is the Dublin SEO Summit on?

The summit is running on the 21st September, 2012 15:00-19:00 so that means you can get some work done that day and still make it, or sleep in depending on what side of the suit:developer ratio you sit.

Where is the Dublin SEO Summit on?

Morrison Hotel, Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1. Located on Dublin’s quays, now don’t be scared it’s not as bad as it sounds. Actually this is a reasonably snazzy part of Dublin and close to loads of hotels, buses, trams, taxis and of course pubs and restaurants. Oh and if you fancy seeing the rest of the city it is all very close. Friday night is always fun in Dublin.

Look a Map

Register for the Dublin SEO Summit

Right so I think this should be enough to get any SEO or business owner interested in this event, so if you need a ticket check out dublinseosummit.com/registration