DFF 2013 Launches with a Bang

DFF 2013 Launches with a Bang

Well I rarely get to add a video to a post mainly because I don’t make videos. That said this one is a little more than your standard piece to camera I was raised on in my early days with a green screen down in the digital hub.

Anyway the meat of this sandwich is the launch of the recent DFF or Dublin Fashion Festival and there all new face Laura Whitmore. Laura is now the ‘face’ of the DFF for 2013. I have will be more about this and the upcoming promotion when the event launches proper in September. For now it is best to just check out the video below and save me waffling. Oh yeah and below it are the results, check them out too.

DFF 2013 Launch Video

Week One 5K Unique Hits!

The headline says it all and it shows a huge traffic spike for a the few days leading up and following the initial launch date, anyway thousands of more hits and a few more blog posts to come.

DFF 2013