Hits 1,600 Links Hits 1,600 Links

I love little milestones and always delivers. Just before I start going \o/I wanted to say I am trying where possible to keep this a real Irish directory. I would estimate around 12,000 links have been submitted, most were total trash like online chemists and really spammy low worth directories filled with total web trash. I am being pretty picky about what I let in and some UK sites and other international sites have been approved but most have not.

I launched this little site less than a year ago and it has just hit the 1,600 link mark. I couldn’t be happier with the system and the process for users adding and of course me approving the sites that go up on to

Anyway I am hoping to hit 2K by early 2013 and to raise the PR of this site and its authority where possible, for this one there will be more and more so keep watching this space…