Hits 1,500 Links Hits 1,500 Links

I launched an experiment last March in the form of a backlinking directory built with WordPress. I am happy to say that this week it has hit the 1,500 links mark and even as I write this post the number is growing, albeit slowly.

So why did I build a backlinks site? The answer is simple, I felt that the current market needed it, that the current pricing was insanely high and also partly for my own training and exposure. The site originally required nothing from me in the way of admin, but I soon found that spam was high no matter what I did, so I decided to add a layer of approval prior to a listing going live. The site designed and developed without a client, so this made the whole thing very quick and I was up and running in a few days. Next step was getting some content, which was easily scraped from the Irish DMOZ and then I was off, with a little creative SEO I was top spot for all the relevant terms in the Irish market.

So what are the results so far?

So far I have seen just over 5,000 unique viewers, spending around 1-2 minutes on average per visit. Bounce rate for a site like this is expectedly high, hovering between 35% and 40% depending on the day. Oh and of course the 1,500+ links, some scraped or self submitted but in the main mostly user generated.

What’s Next

The goal here is to catalog the 70,000+ active .ie domains in a good and SEO friendly way. This unfortunately will not happen by accident and I will be working away, possibly with help to get a great list of these sites up and running over the next 12 months or so.

Am I Listed? – I want a Link

Well good news, if you are an Irish business or have an Irish customer base you can add your clean (rel=”follow”) link for free at, enjoy and please let me know if you have any suggestions.