July 6, 2012
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July 6, 2012 Niall Flynn

A fresh and ecommerce/brochure site just launched for a health product called Aculife. The Aculife is based around Chinese medical techniques and coins the term Magnetic Wave Therapy. Despite being around for a few years and performing well it was in dire need of an overhaul and more importantly an SEO update. Aculife is a Magnetic Wave Therapy treatment that offers acupuncture effects without needles. A bit of a strange one for me but I have to say the new site has turned out really well.

The site is WordPress, no prizes there for guessing 🙂 with PayPal integration, nothing special for ecommerce as the previous website used buy buttons so it was just a matter of making them look a little nicer. The look and feel and more importantly the data presentation were completely overhauled. Every page has been redeveloped and repositioned. The Customer journey here is as important as the traffic. Initial SEO will be around the brand name for the US, UK and Ireland. Two more market specific sites are due to launch for Ireland and Great Britain, but for now the main SEO focus is simply one word – Aculife.

>> Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapy